Save your hearing as well as $200

Have you heard about the Hearing Protection Act? The proposed legislation would make it much easier for individuals to purchase suppressors by eliminating the $200 tax stamp requirement.

The National Firearms Act of 1934 classified suppressors with machine guns and grenades. Passage of the Hearing Protection Act would allow for the reclassification of suppressors to that of regular firearms. Suppressors could then be purchased with just a regular background check eliminating excessive waiting times and the $200 Tax Stamp requirements.

Every shooter should be aware that hearing loss is progressive and that once it has been lost it is gone for- ever. Even a 22 Long Rifle generates 144 dB, that’s louder than a jet engine at one-hundred feet! Suppressor usage would be a great aid in preventing this type of hazard.

What can you do? You can help make the Hearing Protection Act become law by contacting your legislators and encouraging them to pass the HPA bill.