Black Ammo For Black Guns - Hornady Black AmmoNo one can deny the overwhelming popularity of today’s MSR or Modern Sporting Rifle. Along with this phenomenal growth came an expansion of caliber choices.

Hornady’s new BLACK ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of rifle platforms, including direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, unsuppressed, inertia, bolt, pump, supersonic, subsonic , mid-length, carbine and AR pistol platforms.

Hornady BLACK comes in a variety of bullet offerings including their V-Max, A-Max, InterLock, SST, FTX and ELD Match. Hornady is initially offering BLACK in nine calibers including .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, 6.8 SPC, 300 Black and 308. Hornady is expecting to release a 6.5 Grendel and even a 12 Gauge offering in the very near future.

On Target is a full-line distributor of fine Hornady products.