By Ryan McCann

I work at an indoor gun range. What this means, besides having an awesome job, is that I get to interact with first time shooters all of the time. They range from twenty-one year old men buying their first handgun to women in their sixties just looking to learn a new skill. Teaching first time shooters can be pretty stressful but most of the time it’s pretty fun. Those same experiences have also led me to notice a lot of tendencies and patterns in the way hundreds, probably more like thousands, of people learn. This has persuaded me, and many of my associates, to notice one glaring consistency: Women are Naturally better shooters than men.

Notice, I said Naturally; women are naturally better shooters than men. This does not mean that I think women are superior shooters overall nor does it mean that I think men are superior to women shooters. What it means is that if you give me two brand new, never touched a gun before, twenty-one year old shooters, one a male and the other a female, nine times out of ten, the female will perform better. I’ve thought a lot about this and discussed it with colleagues and these are my three thoughts as to why I have drawn this conclusion.

1. Women Aren’t Usually Obsessed with John Wayne Movies Growing Up.

Or The Matrix, or Dirty Harry, or The Terminator. Young boys seek these movies out. They’re such a part of our thinking and lifestyle that they affect us in ways we’re not fully aware. One of those ways in particular is shooting technique. ‘Tea-cupping’, one handed, grabbing the wrist, all, horrible shooting techniques that start engraving themselves in the mind early on. As guys, our obsession with rough and tumble, shoot ‘em up movies means we learned some bad habits and some poor technique without even realizing it; most girls don’t have to worry about undoing years of learned habits from bad actors.

2. Women Didn’t play with Toy Guns as often Growing Up.

Once again, this lends itself to not having bad habits. As boys we have been playing with squirt guns, cap guns, paintball guns, airsoft guns, whatever, for most of our lives, we are much more drawn to these toys than girls. I know no one was teaching me Isosceles Stance and Nose Over Toes when my friends and I were playing Cops and Robbers. You may not realize it but years of playing like that can actually hardwire poor technique into your muscle memory. Most women come into their first shooting experience without the burden of that learned technique.

3. Women Listen Better

This is going to ruffle feathers. Women listen better than men, particularly when it comes to handling firearms. Husbands around the world are going to scoff and rage at that comment, thinking of the times they’ve tried to teach a significant other to shoot. That has nothing to do with a woman’s listening or learning capability. There is a reason why firearms instructors all over the world strongly advise against significant others teaching each other how to shoot. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing one of these interactions, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Most of the women I have instructed have been attentive, aware, and a little frightened. This generally creates a situation where they listen to their instructor very closely. Women have way less pride wrapped up in their knowledge and performance than men do. So guys, it’s true all of this leads to better habits, which leads to better shooting. Simple as that.

Alright. Those are the reasons that I think women are better NATURAL shooters than men. What do you think? Have at it internet and thanks for your time.